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Memo Is Guest To High School

Utah Jazz center was aguest of a panel discussion organized by Bahcesehir College and Baskent 34 basketball club, along with Fenerbahce Ulker star point guard Wil Solomon and Okan Cevik; the coach of Galatasaray Womens team which had won the Eurocup this past season. The students welcomed their guests with unbelievable enthusiasm as the long standing ovation put a smile on the face of all three guests. The panel was hosted by Murat Murathanoglu, who is the president of Baskent 34 club.

The quality of questions drew the attention of the guests, and it was apparent that all of the students in attendance were either big basketball fans, or had done a great deal of research when preparing the questions. Wil Solomon was only able to attend half of the panel, as he had to fly to Ankara for the first game of the Turkish semi-finals the next day. Solomon answered all of the questions quite sincerely and said that "My reason for returning to Fenerbahce is that I believe that this is the only club in Europe that I will play for. Great management, big golas, big vision and the greatest fans ever.". As Solomon was getting ready to leave for the airport, the school principal Ms Zeren Keklioglu had a birthday cake prepared for Memo, who was to celebrate his 30th birthday the next day. Ms Keklioglu did not want Wil Solomon leaving without gettin a piece of the cake. When the cake was brought out Memo blew out the candle, and gave a nice slice to Solomon.é.

Galatasaray coach Okan Cevik said that after years of working with men, he was a little hesitant when the offer was made for him to coach a womens team. However he said he felt he made the perfect decision when they were lifting the Eurocup in the air. Coach Cevik also felt that "Sponsors should seriously look into womens basketball. The WNBA season does not interfere with the season in Europe, and with a good plan and a budget a fraction of what the mens budgets are you could play for the top spot in Europe.".

Memo was asked about Hidayet Turkoglu and Orlando Magics chances against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Memo said, "We are all pulling for Hedo. I believe that they will be in the NBA Finals. No I am sure about it. We speak frequently and I am very happy for him.". When asked about how it feels to play in the NBA Finals, he replied, "Well there is nothing quite like it. The whole world is watching, and for the duration of the finals all people talk about are the two teams, all people criticize are the two teams, and all people care are about the two teams. I played in a World Championship and it was nothing compared to the NBA Finals.".

When asked about continuing his career in Utah, Memo answered by saying "My family and I really love Salt lake City. When I signed with utah as a free agent, I was planning on finishing my NBA career here. As I met and got to know the people in the organizaton, the Miller family, the staff and the people of Salt lake City, it has only made these feelings stronger. I realize the NBA is a business, but I want to live another NBA championship and I would love to do it with a Utah uniform. I believe that we are capable of doing that.".

After the panel Memo, did a little bit of shooting around with the members of the Bahcesehir College basketball team, and then talked a bit with coaches Ozer Duduk and Baris Zeytin.

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