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Memo Celebtrates Birthday With Family

Mehmet Okur of the Utah Jazz celebrated his 30th birthday with his family in his home. The birthday cake ordered by his wife Yeliz had a family of four on it which raised some question marks among family members. Nimet Okur, Memo's mother was surprised by the cake. Also among the guests who were surprised  were Memo's older sister Yasemin and husband Senol Tinaztepe, and their daughter Yagmur. Memo's father Abdullah Okur was not able to attend due to his illness and his sister Seda was also absent as she was out of the country.

The family started gathering together late afternoon, and the famous Turkish Kebap restaurant Kosebasi was the host of the evening as far as the menu was concerned. Memo and Yeliz while away from their homeland, had missed the Turkish cuisine and the night provided many different tastes for them to get reaquainted with. Also one of the most talked subjects during the party was how much Melisa had grown, as the Okur family caught up on what had happened during the last months  .

Also of note for the evening was the fact that Memo was being very careful about what and how much he was eating. Memo who loves Turkish kebap was extra cautious because he had not been able to start his normal summer workout program due to his injury. Memo's injury occured a game before the season ended, and he missed the first three play-off games while doing his best in the last two despite the injury. Memo added that "I have to be careful about what and how much I eat because I have not been able to get into my routine work out program." .

Memo's aunt Kıymet and her husband Ali Tınaztepe and their two sons Erman and  Emre who attended the party with his fiance Seda. Among those attending was also Eray Bostanci who has been Memo's best friend since their childhood.

In regards to the birthday cake with the four member family, there was many questions being asked by the family members. The biggest question was "Is Yeliz expecting?", however it turned out that Yeliz just had the birthday cake prepared in that way because Memo wanted a son. Memo however added that, "Well yes we have been talking about when to have our second child. However it really does not matter to me if it is a boy or a girl, the only important thing is that it is a healthy baby, a happy baby with good fortune. Yeliz and I would not change Melisa for anything in the world or the universe.".

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