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Okur's Vacation Before Returning

Mehmet, Yeliz and Melisa Okur had a nice little vacation perhaps for the last time as a three member family before they returned back to Salt Lake City. The reason is that Yeliz is expecting their second child in February, and God willing they will be a four member family when they return to Turkey next summer. Yes Melisa will have little brother or sister in the pretty near future.

Memo whose season was ruined when he was hurt at the end of the season, and had to delay the start of his personel workouts until he was completely recovered from his injury, feels that he will be able to prepare much better for the new season in Salt Lake City where he will be able to use the Jazz facilities. Memo feels daily workouts at the facilities will be more effective and said that, "I have been working out for a while now with my personel trainer Goran Zufar. I am getting the rust off. However I feel that I will be much better prepared for the new season if I continue my workouts at the Jazz facilitites." .

Memo said that both Yeliz and him wanted a little vacation with Melisa, just the three of them before their return and added that "The next time we come home Melisa will have a kid brother or sister. As soon as we start the preseason there is no time for any sort of a thing resembling a vacation so this was important for both Yeliz and myself. We wanted the three of us to be together. Or perhaps I should say all three and a half of us.".

Yeliz is very happy and excited that she will be a mother for a second time. Yeliz said that Memo wanted to be very well prepared for the opening of the preseason and that it was a mutual decision adding, "Last season and the way it ended was a shocker for Memo. It was a tough time in our home, he was getting focused for the play-off's and he got hurt. It took him a while to get completely over the injury. He could not do his usual conditioning and workouts for quite a while. Memo feels that if he does not do his routine workouts everyday he is not right. So he wants to catch up.".

Both Memo and Yeliz stated that it is not going to be leaving their families and friends this quickly, but both added that "We miss our families and friends a lot. They also miss us very much. However they all understand Memo's need and wish to be ready for the season the way he feels is right. Both our families are very understanding and supportive in this sense.".

The Okur couple also commented on Melisa having a little bay sister or brother, "We both feel she will be an excellent big sister. She is like a friend to us both. And we feel she will adjust easily.". We wish the Okur family and their upcoming baby a long, healthy and happy life together as memo13 staff.

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