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Memo Amazed At Illinois Supporters

When Utah Jazz power forward Mehmet Okur was getting ready to warm up prior to the Indiana Pacers game he was amazed by what he saw on the court. There were approximately 200 people in orange and blue surrounding Jazz players Deron Williams, Dee Brown and Roger Powell taking photographs, getting signatures and just talking.  Memo startled for a moment was thinking "Indiana doesn't wear orange and blue and I know we sure dont. Where did I come? Then I remembered that Deron, Dee and Roger went to the same university. And that was their fans coming out all the way here to support them."

Memo who knows several people and has some friends who went to the University Of Illinois back in Turkey recalled that "They are always talking about Illinois basketball. I always thought that was a little strange, but after seeing these guys there must be something in the air or the water at that place. They sure love their players. When Deron was drafted the Illinois graduates in Turkey said hey Memo take care of our guy. And when Dee and Roger made the team now they want reports on the Illini threesome. And I tell them don't worry they are doing well."

Memo in regards to his Illini teammates had these words; "I really don't know much about the NCAA's and really have no time to follow it. However all three Illini are young guys, who practice very well, they always bring energy and like hard work. These are traits that coach Sloan likes. They have been schooled well in basketball, they are disciplined and they are able to adjust to a system. Deron has become one of the top point guards in the league in a very short time. He has improved so much. Dee is Mr Positive, also Mr Positive Energy. Roger is more quiet but they are all good people and good teammates."

Memo also added that "I'm wondering what it is going to be like in Chicago when we play the Bulls there. I would not be surprised to see that a major portion of the stands are colored in orange and blue. I guess I have no choice but to go see a game in Illinois after I retire. Must be fun and a bit crazy."

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