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The Okur Family Welcomes Newest Member

Mehmet Okur is at the St Marks Hospital with his wife Yeliz, daughter Melisa and new born baby boy Yigit Mehmet and his close family from Turkey who arrived in Salt Lake City for the birth of their newest member.  Dr. Jennifer Kinghorn brought Yigit Mehmet to the world on February 19th at 01:04 in the morning.  The newest Okur weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces, and was 21.5 inches tall at birth.

Memo and his daughetr Melisa are constantly with Yeliz and the new baby, and Melisa is already showing signs that she will be a great sister to Yigit.

Memo, was on his way to Oakland after the important victory at New Orleans for the Golden State game. Yeliz was expected to deliver on Sunday, but all of sudden she went into labor and was taken to the hospital. Memo got word when he was in Oakland and jumped on the next plane to Salt Lake City to be with his wife.

In the meantime Memo's mother was in Istanbul getting ready to board a plane for New York. Knowing that Yeliz was expecting on Sunday she was shocked when she got word that she had already been a grandmother for the third time (Memo's older sister Yasemin has a daughter).

We the members of Memo13 wish Yigit Mehmet a long, healthy, successfull, happy life with his father, mother and older sister and say welcome to the world.

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